You own the data. We own the devices.


The easier way to deploy hardware for your business

INCYT's Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model allows you to install and run the latest, best-in-class trackers, sensors and remote monitoring devices at your business all for one low daily fee.

For as little as $1 a day you can receive reporting on things like asset location, condition, tank water levels, temperature and humidity.

Reporting With The INCYT App

The INCYT App allows you to analyse data from your trackers and sensors, giving you a custom view of all your important metrics at a glance.

The INCYT App is customisable, with various reporting applications available. This means the INCYT App can be used across multiple industries. From Agriculture to Asset Tracking, and everything in between.

The App is FREE to download, and is available on most devices, including smart phones, tablets, and computers.

How INCYT HaaS Works

INCYT’s HaaS (Hardware as a Service) is a rental program that allows you to install and run the latest, best-in-class trackers, sensors and remote monitoring devices. 

You own the data. We own the devices.

We deliver you the required hardware for your INCYT application and once its installed and activated on your INCYT App, you're up and running.

The HaaS Benefit

All your reports, all in one place, all for one easy monthly fee.
Low hardware cost

No need for a high capital outlay on devices.

From as little as $1 a day, INCYT provides you with hardware on a rental program.

‘All-in-One’ system

With connectivity and network, telemetry devices, sensors and trackers all available on the HaaS plan, you can build out an entire smartfarm on this model.

Easy hardware rental payments

Get started with a hardware deposit to cover your first 3 months. Start paying your low monthly rental from the 4th month.

Easy reporting subscriptions

Analyse your data in dashboards and maps, and configure your reporting requirements with a low cost monthly reporting subscription.Select a plan and if you need to switch it, just make the change through the app.

No Lock-in contracts

No annual contracts and easy monthly payments. A cancellation fee equivalent to 3 months hardware rental applies.

No hidden T’s & C’s - Cancel at anytime.

Lifetime warranty for device failure

Full cover for device failure due to manufacturing faults or general device failure (excludes accidental damage or loss) 

HaaS Supply Terms and Conditions 

  • Hardware deposit is non refundable and paid upfront. The deposit covers the first 3 months hardware rental, thereafter hardware rental payments are  made in monthly installments.
  • HaaS cancellation fee is equivalent to 3 months hardware rental. 
  • The customer is responsible for the replacement cost of devices that are accidentally damanged or lost - INCYT Protect helps to reduce this replacement cost.
  • INCYT reserves the right to change the pricing of the service over time.
  • INCYT reserves the right to cancel the service.