INCYT Protect

Stay Protected, with INCYT Protect

INCYT Protect

INCYT Protect provides a repair or replacement service for your device. 

With access to premium support services and hardware coverage from INCYT, you can rest assured that you are covered when choosing the relevant protection that your device will need.

Reporting With The INCYT App

The INCYT App allows you to analyse data from your trackers and sensors, giving you a custom view of all your important metrics at a glance.

The INCYT App is customisable, with various reporting applications available. This means the INCYT App can be used across multiple industries. From Agriculture to Asset Tracking, and everything in between.

The App is FREE to download, and is available on most devices, including smart phones, tablets, and computers.

The INCYT Protect Advantage

Battery depletion refurbishment 

Unlimited incidents of battery depletion refurbishment within a 7 year period. 

Accidental Damage

Unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection.

Theft or Loss

Benefit from the reduced cost of replacing a device as a result of theft or loss.  A maximum of 2 incidents per device are covered within a 24 month period.

INCYT Protect Terms and Conditions 

  • The INCYT protect return policy will require devices to be sent back to INCYT for assessment, afterwhich a full replacement or refurbishment will be provided. 
  • In the event of device failure, a new device will be issued free of charge. 
  • The customer is responsible for the replacement cost of devices that are accidentally damanged or lost - INCYT Protect helps to reduce this replacement cost.
  • Each incident is subject to the service fees applicable to the device
  • INCYT reserves the right to change the pricing of the service over time.
  • INCYT reserves the right to cancel the service. 
  • All Devices under the Hardware as a Service (Haas) include INCYT Protect.

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