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Rugged, Robust and Reliable, Military-grade IoT trackers that give you geolocation and condition monitoring, wherever you are

Introducing The INCYT Track Product Ecosystem

Next generation tracking. Rugged. Robust. Reliable.

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All Your Tracked Assets In One Place

The INCYT range of connected trackers, beacons and gateways can be configured to work in different applications to give you the reporting that you need.

Have all your tracked assets in one place with the INCYT App.

How The Ecosystem Works

Understanding the INCYT Track Ecosystem

Tracking and sense capability is at the core of many IoT applications and when it comes to location based applications, the needs are many and varied. Finding, logging, geofencing, alerting and sensing across various networks both in outdoor and indoor operating environments. A single tracker simply can’t do it all.

A connected ecosystem. Reporting tailored to your needs.

The INCYT trackers have been designed to work in conjunction with each other across a wide range of use cases to provide sophisticated solutions. They are equipped with the option of advanced sense capability so you can not only track an asset’s path or last known location, but get insight into motion, tilt, run-time, air pressure, temperature and humidity.

The INCYT range of connected trackers, beacons and gateways can be configured to work in different applications to give you the reporting that you need. We use the latest in ultra low IoT technologies and have created a line of products that are cost-effective, built to last, and offer the most efficient reporting frequency for your needs, whether that's daily, hourly, or every 5 minutes. Reported data is then sent and displayed on our very own INCYT App.

All of INCYT Track's Product Ecosystem use easy-to-peel-and-stick applications or mounting options, so any device can be set up within minutes and deployed quickly without the need for expert installation.

The quick activation process, known as Scan n' Play, means you're up and running as quickly as possible, with key data sent directly to your phone, tablet, or computer by just scanning the devices respective QR code to activate and register it.


GPS tracking with satellite fallback for reliability, built in.

Andromeda has been designed by the experts in rugged, low-power IoT devices, and uses best-in-class low-orbit satellite connectivity from Myriota. A long-lasting tracker that uses efficient connectivity to provide you with accurate location reporting. Wherever your assets or goods are, Andromeda enables geolocation monitoring with LTE-M upload and Myriota Satellite Fallback for areas without LTE-M /NB-IoT network coverage.


LTE-M Battery Powered Tracker with Advanced Sense Capability

Polaris is the rugged yet powerful LTE-M tracker that can be fitted to almost any asset to provide regular, reliable location reporting, wherever you are. From outdoor construction sites to indoor spaces, to vehicles on the move, use Polaris to get the insights you need for location reporting, geofencing, compliance, security and more. Built to last, easy to deploy with real-time, actionable data sent directly to your phone, tablet, or computer.


Tracker, Sensor and IoT Gateway - All in One

Antares is the device you want when you need network deployment, geolocation reporting, and condition monitoring all in one. With the ability to deploy a machinery area network for beaconing devices like our Lyra, you can use Antares to create geofences, drive increased employee compliance and safety, or even monitor the condition of perishable goods on the move.


Tracking & Tagging - Lyra is Mini but Mighty

Lyra beacons are compact, battery powered IoT beacons that can be attached to pretty much anything. The device will continuously beacon its location for any surrounding 'listening' devices such as Antares or Polaris that then report via the INCYT App.

Attach them to smaller containers in a cold chain application, or use on tools and equipment with an Antares to geotag entry and exit from a warehouse space. With varying reporting profiles to fit your needs, Lyra is the little device that makes a big impact to your business.


Accurate geolocation reporting for tracking wildlife

Cygni is a solar-powered telemetry device that tracks and monitors koalas through an intelligent ecosystem of network devices. It is robust and lightweight, providing near-live GPS tracking along with an array of other useful features such as dual sensor activity logging, impact detection, motion profile analysis, orientation analysis, free-fall detection, and automatic low-activity e-mail alerts.

Connecting Devices to the INCYT App

Devices are connected to the INCYT App via a simple Scan n' Play process

1. Open the INCYT APP

2. Scan your device’s QR code to register

3. Select the Application you require and choose your plan

4. Install the device where required

Take Control Over Your Reporting

With an intuitive and customisable dashboard, take control over your reporting.

Organise your Cockpit to display the data of your choice.

Showcase the likes of asset movement and conditions reporting, all on one easy-to-use platform.

Track What Matters Most To Your Business

From unpowered assets, to high-value vehicles, remotely track and monitor the items that matter most to you with the range from INCYT Track.

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