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INCYTProtect - Support when you need it

 INCYT trackers and sensors, telemetry devices and our XR network range have been designed and built in house, by people who are passionate about creating best in class IoT. So whilst they're built to last, if anything isn't working as it should, you can rest easy that most issues can be resolved with a single call or message. 

We've built the system from the electronic systems and the casings to the reporting software and the INCYT app, so you have a One-Stop support line direct to the INCYT experts, with INCYTProtect.

Choose the level of cover that works for your devices and get hardware, software and technical support from our team.

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Hardware Cover

If your device is accidentally damaged, or stolen we'll refurbish or replace it, so you never miss a beat with your reporting.

Software Protection

Premium protection for your INCYT account and app dashboards so you can get setup the way you want, with the reports that matter most to you.

Advanced Support

Access to dedicated support for your account to help with any troubleshooting issues and application support.

INCYTProtect Packages

Choose from the package and level of care you need for your requirements. Chat to our team for advice.

Get INCYTProtect Core on our HaaS Model

Our HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) Static Sense category packages and tracker devices come with INCYT Core as standard, giving you best in class hardware for one easy, monthly fee with premium protection built in.

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