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Start Reporting With The INCYT APP


One place to tie your data all together.

Whether you're in Agriculture or Asset Tracking see what’s happening throughout your operation at a glance - on your phone, tablet or computer with the INCYT App.

Reporting With The INCYT App

The INCYT App allows you to analyse data from your trackers and sensors, giving you a custom view of all your important metrics at a glance.

The INCYT App is customisable, with various reporting applications available. This means the INCYT App can be used across multiple industries. From Agriculture to Asset Tracking, and everything in between.

The App is FREE to download, and is available on most devices, including smart phones, tablets, and computers.

How It Works

Understanding the INCYT App

The INCYT App is the main hub used to visually display data and reports for all of the products inside the INCYT ecosystem.

The dashboard allows you to have reports on metrics such as asset location, localised weather conditions, soil moisture, and tank water levels across multiple location points, all in one easy-to-use App.

The devices you connect in the App, run off a subscription model, with different tiers of reporting available for selection by users based upon their reporting needs. At INCYT, we know no one operation is alike which is why we allow users to choose their own reporting plans.

With the ability to have multiple user accounts within one organisation, the App is suitable for operations of all sizes - whether you’re a family run farm, or a large scale corporation.

Create A FREE Account

Create a FREE account on the INCYT web platform by clicking the button.

Download free from the App Store, just search INCYT

INCYT Reporting Plans

Choose the plan for your kit that works best for your reporting needs - And, if you need to switch it, just make the change through the App. You’re in control with INCYT.

Plans are application specific - meaning plans change based upon the application required. Details on pricing and reporting specifics are available on the INCYT App, or alternatively, our team are happy to help suggest plans for your operation and unique reporting needs.

Get in touch with us below to find out more about INCYT Reporting Plans.

Connecting Devices to the INCYT App

Devices are connected to the INCYT App via a simple Scan n' Play process

1. Open the INCYT APP

2. Scan your device’s QR code to register

3. Select the Application you require and choose your plan

4. Install the device where required

Take Control Over Your Reporting

With an intuitive and customisable dashboard, take control over your reporting.

Organise your Cockpit to display the data of your choice.

Showcase the likes of soil moisture, rainfall, and asset movement, all on one easy-to-use platform.

The INCYT Product Ecosystem

We have created an ecosystem that senses, collates, reports, and visualises valuable data, all into one place - The INCYT App.
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