Smart Farms Hardware as a Service

Access best in class AgTech devices for less than your daily cup of coffee. No outright buy, no hassle.

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Get Network, Telemetry and Sensors, all on HaaS

From reliable connectivity to award winning devices and user friendly reporting, your entire AgTech system on one easy model.

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What is Smart Farm HaaS

The easier way to deploy AgTech

INCYT's HaaS model allows you to install and run the latest, best-in-class trackers, sensors and remote monitoring devices on your farm all for one low daily fee. For as little as $1 a day you can receive reporting on things like tank water levels, rainfall, temperature & humidity and pipe pressure.

How does it work you ask? We deliver you the required hardware for your INCYT application and once its installed and activated on you're INCYT app, you're up and running. You own the data, we own the devices so there's no need for outlay on sensors and telemetry, simply rent it and pay for your reporting.

The HaaS Benefit

All your reports, all in one place, all for one easy monthly fee. That's AgTech, made easy.
No lock-in contracts

With no annual contracts and easy monthly payments, you can be up and running in minutes without expensive hardware costs. Cancel anytime, with no hassle.

Cost effective

We provide all the hardware you need on this lease model, so you don't need to outlay capital or worry about technology becoming outdated.

An 'All-in-One' System

With connectivity and network, telemetry devices, sensors and trackers all available on the HaaS plan, you can build out an entire smartfarm on this model.

Learn more about our service offerings

The INCYT ecosystem of AgTech devices and networks are now available as a Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS)

  • XR Network - Solar

    The XR Network combines key advantages of LoRaWAN, LTE-M & NB-IoT in one powerful package. XR unlocks lower power consumption than LoRaWAN while enabling enhanced local on-farm connectivity for those on the fringe of LTE or with challenging terrain. Available on HaaS.

  • XR Network - Mains

    Our powerful, reliable XR Network but with main power accessories for when you need to deploy a network closer to the farmstead. Available on the HaaS plan.

  • XR Network - Xtreme

    The XR Network combines key advantages of LoRaWAN, LTE-M & NB-IoT in one powerful package. XR Xtreme takes your network even further for when you need to deploy devices in remote locations - don't compromise on network coverage with this extended range option. Available on the HaaS plan.

  • Rugged Tracking + Gateway

    Antares is a versatile LTE-M tracker and gateway that can be used with other devices or as a standalone in multiple applications. Get the device on the HaaS plan and simply choose the application subscription to suit your needs.

  • Battery Powered Track + Sense

    Polaris is a long lasting, powerful LTE-M tracker with capability for advanced environmental sensin. Fit it to anything with easy Peel 'n stick application for location reporting you can rely on. Available on the HaaS plan.

  • Next Gen Satellite Tracking

    Andromeda is a battery powered tracker with hybrid connectivity including Myriota satellite for reliable location reporting, even in areas without cellular coverage. Available on the HaaS Plan

  • Reporting you want, for just $1 a day

    The HaaS plan enables you to access our award winning telemetry node and selected sensors with once daily reporting for just $1 per day, no lock-in contracts. Plus we throw in Blue Node Standard Plan for free for the first 3 months!

  • High value insights, at one low cost

    The Sensor Category B HaaS plan gives you access to more than just the standard inputs, with sensors for water quality and flow rates, soil moisture and even farm infrastructure. All for one easy monthly fee, and no hardware costs.

  • Detailed dashboards, advanced insights

    The INCYT Sense Category C HaaS plan gives you access to premium sensors and high detail reporting visualisations on the INCYT App for key sensors. No outright buy needed, simply lease the hardware you need and get reporting from day one!

Want to learn more about HaaS?

Chat to our team about your requirements and we'll help you plan out which devices you need and design your XR Network HaaS plan with associated devices.

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