Multi-Point Water Alert Sensor (Poultry)

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Remotely monitor water levels in chicken water troughs/dispensers to prevent dehydration. When levels drop too low, the beaconing (Lyra) devices in this kit are exposed and beacon to the listening device (Polaris), creating an alert that water needs to be refilled.

Simple magnetic swipe activation. Requires LTE-M connectivity. Peel n' stick mounting as standard. Bracket & zip tie mounting options available. Requires associated application subscription SP-018 (Chook Water Monitoring) during active months, and hibernate profile for inactive months SP-060 Hibernate Mode.

  • XR2 compatible (BLE Listening Range Extendable) 

  • Plug 'n Play
  • Built to Last
  • Augmented Reality

Kit includes 2 x Lyra BLE Track devices and 1 x Polaris LTE-M Tracker. Visualisation dashboards and alerts/notifications provided through the INCYT App, available on Apple and Android App stores. Pricing excludes GST.