Smart Sensor - Flood Irrigation Module

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This kit uses an ecosystem of devices, monitoring water channels across your property, and bringing them together in a consolidated view of the flood irrigation system. With this overview, make informed decisions and get an early indication of issues.

Smart Sensor enabled for easy plug n' play operation. LoRaWAN & XR compatible connectivity options available (great for areas with marginal LTE-M/NB-IoT coverage).

  • XR compatible
  • Plug 'n Play
  • Built to Last
  • Augmented Reality

Kit includes 5 x Smart Sensor - Ultrasonic Level sensors and 5 x Blue Node telemetry device as standard. Ability to add or scale sensor components as required. Multi-input visualisation to provide a detailed view in one screenshot. Requires telemetry node reporting plan subscription - please choose No. of months for SP-027 Flood Irrigation Module.