Smart Sensor - Tank Water Level Monitor (hydrostatic)

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Submersible hydrostatic level sensor for remote water/liquid level measurement.

Submersible stainless steel hydrostatic level sensor for monitoring tanks and other reservoirs, providing reporting on water levels. Receive alerts when levels drop below your predefined limits - giving you peace of mind and avoiding regular manual checking. This hydrostatic sensing probe has piezoresistive measuring elements that have ambient temperature and atmospheric air pressure compensation.

Smart Sensor enabled for easy plug n' play operation. LoRaWAN & XR compatible connectivity options are available (great for areas with marginal LTE-M/NB-IoT coverage).

Requires Blue Node telemetry device subscription, choose from:
SP001 - Static Sensing Lite
SP002 - Static Sensing Standard
SP003 - Static Sensing Pro
SP004 - Static Sensing Unleashed
INCYT recommends SP001 - one month of this plan is included in the price.

  • XR compatible
  • Plug 'n Play
  • Built to Last
  • Augmented Reality

Kit includes Smart Sensor and Blue Node telemetry device. Visualisation dashboards and alerts/notifications provided through the INCYT App, available on Apple and Android App stores. Pricing excludes GST.

Order quantity pricing available for this product for bulk orders - chat to our team for details.