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Technology that powers better farming decisions

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Intelligent trackers and sensors for any application

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Wherever you are, see what’s happening at a glance

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Technology That Powers Better Business Decisions

Whether your business is involved in agriculture, high-value asset monitoring, fleet management, or supply chain tracking, the INCYT Ecosystem of Smart Devices can help power better business decisions for you and your team.

1 App, 1 Dashboard, Unlimited Insights

The INCYT App is the main hub used to visually display data and reports for all of the products inside the INCYT ecosystem. It is our very own software, designed for use by operations of all sizes and industries.

The dashboard allows you to have reports on metrics such as asset location, localised weather conditions, soil moisture, and tank water levels across multiple location points, all in one easy-to-use App.

Wherever you are, see what’s happening at a glance - on your phone, tablet, or computer with the INCYT App.

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No Network? No Problem

Introducing the XR Network.

The XR Network is INCYT’s complete solution to a common IoT connectivity problem faced by primary producers and businesses alike. The XR Network gives users the power to deploy their own private IoT network, rather than relying on third party roll-outs and installations.

Deployed through the installation of the INCYT Base Station, the XR Network is easily deployed anywhere on your operation.

Designed and built to last in a variety of harsh environments, It is the ultimate in long range, secure, private networks.

The Heart of the INCYT AgTech Ecosystem

The Blue Node is highly ruggedised and weather proof for long term operation in harsh environments.

This award-winning, multipurpose telemetry device connects Smart Sensors to the INCYT Dashboard for accurate and reliable reporting straight to your phone, tablet or computer.

The device is designed to support a comprehensive sensor range, meaning it's perfect for applications across multiple industries. From agriculture to asset tracking, the Blue Node gets your operation communicating.

The Next Generation in IoT Tracking & Sensing

From Agriculture to Asset Tracking, we have created an ecosystem of products that help drive productivity, maximise your time, and create systems for enhanced decision making.

Giving you peace of mind and freedom. From anywhere in the world.

Up and Running In Minutes

Save one of your most valuable assets, time, with INCYT's simple Scan n' Play setup.

This quick and easy Scan n' Play setup allows users to scan their respective device through the INCYT App to register - allowing you and your sensors to be up and running in minutes.

Don't Just Sense. Track

Don't just sense. Track. With INCYT's asset tracking brand, INCYT Track.

From unpowered assets, to high-value vehicles, remotely track and monitor the assets that matter most to you with the range from INCYT Track.

INCYT's Partner Program

INCYT is looking for primary producers, agriculture workers and trades men and women across Australia to become certified INCYT Partners.

As a partner, you’ll be equipped to install and maintain INCYT devices on properties and work with customers to help coordinate upgrades or resolve any issues.

Rise through the INCYT Partner Tiers and become a Gold Certified Partner

This program is open to both installers and resellers.

Enabling you to represent INCYT in your town by providing support, installations and even sell. There are different levels for the program depending on what your goals are.

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About INCYT

"INCYT geared the devices on the DATA farm towards what is important to farmers."

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"The moisture probes help make decisions on growth and grass and crops."

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"It's been a great partnership. We were impressed by the quality and execution."

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"It's interesting looking at the variations in rainfall in different locations."

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