Accurate geolocation reporting for tracking wildlife

Cygni is a solar-powered telemetry device that tracks and monitors koalas through an intelligent ecosystem of network devices. It is robust and lightweight, providing near-live GPS tracking along with an array of other useful features such as dual sensor activity logging, impact detection, motion profile analysis, orientation analysis, free-fall detection, and automatic low-activity e-mail alerts.

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Cygni + INCYT App

Cygi has been designed to work with the INCYT App, like the other devices in our range. Once activated in your account, view key reports through the app with dedicated dashboards and reporting widgets. Ideal for tracking remotely, views insight in the app on your phone or laptop, from wherever you are.

Purpose built design

With an efficient solar power cell and a casing made to withstand the environmental conditions of the Koala's habitat, Cygni is a purpose-built IoT design at its best. Small form, protected against extremes of temperature and created to ensure it doesn't impede animals, Cygni is superior design and intelligent product development, made to order.

Reporting what matters - The Intelligence of Things

Cygni can provide custom reporting based on the metrics that matter. With advanced BLE monitoring see proximity reporting between tags on different animals in a group, helping identify behaviors such as mating, fighting, or isolation. Or create alerts when animals come close to high-risk zones such as road crossings.

Remote Monitoring, Made Easy

With remote reporting made available through the INCYT App on your phone or laptop, you can see what's going on at glance, from wherever you are. Reduce required time for tracking in the field and get alerts when set parameters are exceeded so you can mobilise team members where they're needed most. Increase efficiency with day-to-day operations and planning with remote monitoring devices.


Built to be part of a custom solution, Cygni is a power-efficient, reliable GPS tracker for Koalas. The solution uses the Incyt Base Station and Solar Kit to provide a network for Cygni devices, allowing tracking of individual animals and insights about a group over time. This award-winning device contains a set of advanced Bluetooth monitoring features in which the user can configure optional abnormal behavior alerts, GPS check-in frequency, and detection levels.

  • Easy activation

    Get up and running quickly and easily with the Cygni device and INCYT Base Stations

  • Bulk GPS Upload

    Historical data upload when Cygni devices come within network range for Base Station

  • Efficient Power

    Ultra-low power IoT connectivity and solar power combine to create efficient, long-lasting devices

  • Built to Last

    Robust design built for long term operation in harsh environments and to withstand animal activity


LoRa 915 – 928 MHz.


550 mAh LiFePO4

Movement Sensing

Continual – with additional Impact sensing (Up to 16 Gs)


59 x 54 x 20 mm, 72 grams

Case Rating


Operating Temperature Range

-10°C to +80°C (Optimum +5ºC to +60ºC)


Magnet activation with QR code onto INCYT App

Custom Tracking Design at its Best

Developed by the experts in small-form IoT devices, Cygni is a tracker and collar combination purpose-built for tracking Koalas. Providing accurate GPS tracking and reporting straight to a phone or other device. View the EVE case Study using this technology.

The INCYT Difference

Excellence Is In The Details

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, low power use, rugged design and 'global ready', INCYT devices have been built for what's next, now. We've designed everything from the electronic hardware to the software and reporting widget, all with the end user in mind to create a simple, yet remarkable experience.

Reliable Power That Barely Uses Any

Military-grade battery technology and the latest in ultra-low power connectivity combine to give up to a decade of battery life in many applications. Hybrid connectivity options mean your device is always using the most efficient network for the job.

A Rich Ecosystem

The INCYT Range of Trackers and Static Sensor Products can be used alone or in configured solutions to provide new levels of reporting and insight for key applications. Designed as an ecosystem, you can start with one device and build out from there.

Award Winning IoT Design

The INCYT remote telemetry devices and ecosystem have won engineering and design awards including a Good Design Award. And our team behind these products have designed for everything from the defence and medical industries to consumer electronics and construction.

Support When You Need It

We've designed our trackers and sensors to be Plug 'n Play so you can install and activate them without needing installers or specialist equipment. But the INCYT Support team are there with expert technical guidance when you have a question.

Make It Your Own

Reporting dashboards you can customise, multiple users on your account, and flexible integration options with your existing systems. Our device ecosystem works with you and is easily scalable, no matter the size of your operation.