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INCYT Subscriptions

Connectivity and Reporting You Can Rely On

Take control of your operation by subscribing to the applications and solutions that matter to you.

An INCYT subscription reporting plan is what connects the data collected by a device in the field to the widgets and reporting graphs you'll see in the INCYT app. In a similar way to how you buy or rent a mobile phone handset and then bolt on a data and call plan, our devices enable you to select an application and reporting frequency that meets your specific needs.

Even better, you can often change the level of subscription or even the application assigned to a piece of kit, so you're using the devices how you want, when you want. We'll often recommend the best subscription plan for a kit based on standard use case, but if your needs require a higher frequency of reporting, it's a simple update in the app and you'll up and running on the new plan in minutes. Chat to us about your property and we'll help tailor the best plans for you.


Reporting Done Right

Secure Data

You own the data in your INCYT app account, but we make sure it stays safe with commercial level encryption and storage safety measures.
Peace of mind built in.

Reliable Connectivity

Your chosen subscription covers connection to the best network for your application, enabling reporting straight to your INCYT app whether your on your property or 100s of Km’s away.

Configurable Alerts

Whether it’s an alert that a key security gate is open or a notification that the water level in your tank is getting low, our subscriptions give you the key alerts you need, when you need them.

INCYT Subscription Packages

Choose the applications and solutions you need for your requirements. Chat to our team for advice.

  • Static Sensing Plans To Suit Your Needs

    With options for Lite, Standard, Pro and Unleashed, you have complete control over your reporting frequency for our Static sensing, smart sensor kits. Need to increase your reporting over specific periods? No problem, just update your plan in app.

  • Your Network, Your Plan

    With the powerful XR network, not only do you get reliable connectivity but you can choose the level of subscription to match the number of devices and scale of deployment. Pay for the level you need and upgrade if and when you need.

  • Flexibility as Standard

    Our tracker range can be used with 'out-of-the-box' subscription plans for core functionality applications like daily location reporting, or you can choose to assign these devices with others to a configured application such as Hay Storage monitoring or piggery monitoring. And if you need to change? You can do it in the app in minutes.

  • Take a load off, when you need it

    Because so much of what you do is dictated by weather and seasons, we know there'll be times when you need to pause an application until you need to use it again. And why pay the same for something when you're not using it actively? So don't... with Hibernate plans, you can snooze that Hay baling application until you need it again.

Want to know more?

If you have a question about subscriptions or need to know which is the INCYT recommended for your chosen kit or application, check out our FAQ section or drop us a line.

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