Battery Powered Bluetooth Tracking Beacon - Lyra

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Bluetooth beacon based device that provides the location of assets since its last contact with a BLE listening device such as Antares or Polaris. Ideal for locating smaller assets and for use in livestock "check-in" location around watering points.

Also available in a 'Advanced Sense' version, the Lyra sense gives the same low energy location reporting as Lyra Track, with ultra-low power bluetooth technology. This version also has a 'sense' port that allows for reporting on ambient temp & humidity for environmental monitoring applications.

  • XR2 compatible (BLE Listening Range Extendable) 
  • Plug 'n Play
  • Built to Last
  • Augmented Reality

Simple magnetic swipe activation. Requires a listening device for reporting. Peel n' stick mounting as standard. Bracket & zip tie mounting options available. 

Battery powered & long lasting, up to 5 years (4 years for Sense version). Features internal temperature sensor for thermal reporting. Use with a listening device to create geofences. Monthly device subscription plan is billed separately, from $1.50 / month.