Polaris LTE-M Tracker Devices

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Next-generation LTE asset tracking with ultra-long life battery and hybrid connectivity. Protect against equipment theft and improve logistics planning with this GPS tracker, featuring GPS+WiFi geolocation for indoor & outdoor location.

Available in Track version and the Track + Sense option which has all the tracking capabilities of the basic Track version plus a sensor port to enable monitoring and reporting on key environmental factors such as Temperature, Humidity, and Air Pressure. This version with enhanced environmental sensing capability can be used to track high value assets that need storage/transport with set environmental limits.

  • XR2 compatible (BLE Listening Range Extendable) 
  • Plug 'n Play
  • Built to Last
  • Augmented Reality

Battery powered, up to 7 years with daily reporting (6 years for Track + Sense version). Simple magnetic swipe activation. Requires LTE-M connectivity.  Easy peel 'n stick mounting, move around as needed. Monthly device subscription plan is billed separately, from $10 / month.