Floodplain Harvesting - Secondary Measurement Device

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Floodplain Harvesting - Secondary Measurement Device

As the NSW Government rolls out the Floodplain Harvesting Compliance program, throughout the Murray-Darling Basin, INCYT is ready to help growers with a complying solution for secondary measurement devices. 

Our Ultrasonic water sensor and accompanying telemetry devices have been approved as Secondary Measurement Device. A secondary device acts as your back-up system and will allow you to floodplain harvest:

  • If your primary metering equipment is faulty
  • Before the primary metering equipment rollout date, which is 12 months from water being credited to your floodplain harvesting access licence account.

      For more information and guidance on Secondary Metering Devices, see this resource from the NSW Government. 

      Implementing INCYT's approved secondary device provides compliance under the requirements, and allows you to capture the value of Floodplain Harvesting, even when your primary device fails.

      Once you've deployed INCYT's approved secondary device for floodplain harvesting, you are all set to use all of INCYT's other devices as well. So instead of just getting ready for floodplain harvesting, you are now ready to monitor and all your irrigation assets such as channel levels, dam levels and tailwater returns through our easy-to-use app; making it quick and easy to optimise your irrigation practices.



      Sensor simply mounts to existing infrastructure above storage using a suitable bracket, or contact us about our installation service. 

      Kit includes Smart Sensor, Blue Node telemetry device and XR Network base station.  Monthly device subscription plan is billed separately from $25 / month. Visualisation dashboards and alerts/notifications provided through the INCYT App, available on Apple and Android App stores. Pricing excludes GST.