Easy, Remote Monitoring of Facilities

Remote sensing of temperature, humidity, and air pressure in controlled environments such as wine cellars, industrial fridges, and refrigerated trailers.

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Easy, remote monitoring of environments with INCYT Trackers and Sensors

Take facilities management to the next level with data driven insights to increase efficiency and improve resource use.

Whether temperature and humidity need to be tightly controlled in an environment or just once-a-day reporting is enough, we have a solution.

From environmental factors to reporting on runtime for generators and fridges, Incyt trackers, gateways, and sensors make connected facilities management simple, with intuitive dashboards and reports sent to your phone, wherever you are. This is IoT made easy.

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Reliable Remote Condition Monitoring With IoT Gateways and Trackers So You Stay Connected

Built To Last

The INCYT ecosystem of smart construction devices are built to last and tested in extreme environments. From 24/7 operation on mine sites at -30℃ to the heat of a Darwin summer and beyond. Our range of trackers and sensors are rugged and durable, ready for any environment.

Hybrid Connectivity Approach

Use the right network at the right time. We unlock the strength of the latest technologies including LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth Low Energy, to help with efficient power use so your devices last in the field.

User Centric Design, End-To-End

INCYT devices use easy-to-peel-and-stick application or mounting options so they can be deployed quickly on almost any tool or machine without the need for specialist installation. The quick activation process means you're up and running in minutes, not hours, with the reporting that matters to you.

Antares LTE-M Gateway + Tracker with Advanced Sense

Deploy a local area network for BLE Beacon devices in an environment to monitor and report on comparative conditions across a key storage area. Get accurate reliable readings on temperature and humidity as well as other key factors to closely monitor conditions and get early alerts when these exceed preset levels.

  • Scan and Go

    Easy activation with QR code device commissioning

  • Powered by Choice

    Various power options including mains, solar power and automotive cable for facilities management in indoor and outdoor locations

  • Flexible Reporting

    Multiple different reporting profiles to match your requirements with the ability to set up alerts

  • Built to last

    Highly ruggedised and weather-proof for long term operation in harsh environments

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