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Asset Tracking by INCYT Track

Track What Matters Most To You

From unpowered assets, to high-value vehicles, remotely track and monitor the items that matter most to you with the range from INCYT Track.

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All Your Tracked Assets In One Place

The INCYT range of connected trackers, beacons and gateways can be configured to work in different applications to give you the reporting that you need.

Have all your tracked assets in one place with the INCYT App.

An Entire Ecosystem Awaits

Rugged, Robust and Reliable, Military-grade IoT trackers that give you geolocation and condition monitoring, wherever you are.

The INCYT Track Product Ecosystem consists of 5 key products that are best-in-breed, and work for businesses of all size and industry.

Reports Sent Straight To Your Device

Reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and never lose sight of your assets again with the flexible reporting periods offered by INCYT Track.

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The Tracking Solution Your Business Is Looking For

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Hybrid Connectivity - Powered by Choice

With battery-powered trackers and gateways that can be powered through mains, solar power, or automotive cable, our devices are designed to track from indoors to outdoor and back again. So wherever your assets go, you can keep an eye on them.

We unlock the strength of the latest technologies including LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth Low Energy, to help with efficient power use so your devices last in the field.

Up and Running In Minutes

INCYT's full range of devices uses easy-to-peel-and-stick applications or mounting options, so any device can be set up within minutes and deployed quickly without the need for expert installation.

The quick activation process, known as Scan n' Play, means you're up and running as quickly as possible, with key data sent directly to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Connecting Devices to The INCYT App

Devices are connected to the INCYT App via a simple Scan n' Play process

1. Open the INCYT APP

2. Scan your device’s QR code to register

3. Select the Application you require and choose your plan

4. Install the device where required

Secure, Reliable Asset Tracking and Monitoring for Personal and Business Uses

Track what matters most to you with cost effective, easy to deploy IoT Trackers and Sensors

From unpowered assets to high-value vehicles, remotely track and monitor the items that matter most to you with the range from INCYT. Compact, hardwearing IoT trackers and sensors that give you reliable geolocation and condition monitoring wherever you are. We use the latest in ultra low IoT Technologies to create products that are cost-effective, built to last, and offer the most efficient reporting frequency for your needs, whether that's daily, hourly, or every 5 minutes.

See where items are at a glance with an intuitive dashboard on the INCYT App.

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