Drive Efficiency and Savings Across Your Construction Business With Ultra Low Powered IoT Technology.

Take control of your entire operation with GPS and LTE-M tracking, condition monitoring, and performance reporting. With actionable, real-time data sent directly to your phone, tablet, or computer get peace of mind knowing you have eyes on the assets that matter most to you.

The INCYT Track range of IoT devices provide geolocation, runtime monitoring, condition reporting, and asset alerts in and out of key areas, so you always know where your key equipment is and how it's working at all times.



Track What Matters Most To You
Experts in the Trade

The INCYT devices have been designed by our in-house, expert engineering team with a combined 300+ years of experience in developing IoT and electronic products that work (and last) in environments from mine sites to arctic winters to space.

Recognised Excellence

Multi-award-winning devices designed with industrial-grade materials built to, not just last but look good. The list of engineering, design, and IoT accolades in Australia and beyond, is piling up as we continue to innovate and evolve our range.

User Centric Design, End-To-End

The entire INCYT range is an ecosystem of devices that can be used individually or as a connected solution, keeping you connected to the assets that matter most. Customise our network to work with you and for you.

Intuitive reporting

With our INCYT app, receive actionable and real-time data sent directly to your phone or smart device. No matter where you are, through the power of cloud-based AI know where your assets are and how they're working wherever you are.

Asset Tracking Applications For Your Industry

INCYT Track are here to help the effectiveness of your operation.

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Remote Monitoring For Your Business

INCYT's full range of trackers and sensors are designed to keep you connected to your assets. From tools to unpowered and powered equipment - we've got you covered.

All Your Tracked Assets In One Place

The INCYT range of connected trackers, beacons and gateways can be configured to work in different applications to give you the reporting that you need.

Have all your tracked assets in one place with the INCYT App.

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An Entire Ecosystem Awaits

Rugged, Robust and Reliable, Military-grade IoT trackers that give you geolocation and condition monitoring, wherever you are.

The INCYT Track Product Ecosystem consists of 5 key products that are best-in-breed, and work for businesses of all size and industry.

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