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INCYT Smart Sensors

Start reporting on what matters to your business with INCYT's line of Smart Sensors.

Explore the INCYT Smart Sensors page to learn more about IoT Smart Sensors and how they are used within the INCYT Product Ecosystem.

Sensors For All Your Reporting Needs

From agriculture to asset tracking, the INCYT Smart Sensor range has a reporting solution for every business.

If you are interested to find out how implementing INCYT Smart Sensors could help your business increase efficiency, minimise operational costs, and keep track of the assets that matter most to you, then get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

Smart Sensors - How They Work

Understanding the role sensors play

Sensors of any kind are usually the first point of contact with any resource or condition you are wanting to measure. The word 'sensor' in this context is used to describe the particular piece of hardware, and can consist of a plethora of sensing devices. From weather stations and soil moisture probes, to water presence sensors and pipe pressure monitors, and everything in between.

A sensor becomes a Smart Sensor when it's connected to a Blue Node, INCYT's token telemetry device. This happens through a special cord-based setup, which occurs through a simple process we call 'Plug n' Play'. The reason the sensor becomes a Smart Sensor is because the attached Blue Node provides power to the sensor, all whilst connecting wirelessly through an available network to transport the data captured from the sensor to a reporting software - in this case the INCYT App.

INCYT's Fullstack Advantage

The extract above was a lot to absorb, so, to help simplify, think of it this way. A Smart Sensor senses data. The attached Blue Node powering the Smart Sensor collates and then transfers the data over a network. The INCYT App displays the data.

At INCYT we call this our fullstack advantage. We believe utilising the whole ecosystem gives business owners a competitive edge and the best chance of success possible. What it means for them is they'll only need one company for everything, not one company for every thing.

Understanding this ecosystem, means understanding the endless reporting potential with INCYT. If you'd like to explore the reporting potential of your business, then get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

Making IoT In Agriculture Accessible

INCYT is making IoT in agriculture accessible with its vast line of Smart Sensors.

Report on what you want with the INCYT ecosystem, from tank level monitoring to inversion detection, and everything in between.

Whether you're on your property or a thousand kilometers away. Relax knowing you've got your farm in your pocket.

To learn more about Smart Sensors in agriculture, head over to the INCYT Agriculture page.

Connecting Devices to the INCYT App

INCYT Smart Sensors are connected to the INCYT App via a simple Scan n' Play process.

1. Open the INCYT APP

2. Scan your device’s QR code to register

3. Select the Application you require and choose your plan

4. Install the device where required

Don't Just Sense. Track

Don't just sense. Track. With INCYT's asset tracking brand, INCYT Track.

From unpowered assets, to high-value vehicles, remotely track and monitor the assets that matter most to you with the range from INCYT Track.

The INCYT Product Ecosystem

We have created an ecosystem that senses, collates, reports, and visualises valuable data, all into one place - The INCYT App.
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