The Blue Node

INCYT's award-winning telemetry device

INCYT’s Very Own Telemetry Device

The Blue Node is the heart of the INCYT product ecosystem. It provides power to sensors and enables the communication between a sensor and the INCYT App.

Built to last, the Blue Node is milled out of a solid block of aluminium with a battery life of up to 10 years.

The Heart of the INCYT Ecosystem

The Blue Node is highly ruggedised and weather proof for long term operation in harsh environments.

This award-winning, multipurpose telemetry device connects Smart Sensors to the INCYT Dashboard for accurate and reliable reporting straight to your phone, tablet or computer.

The device is designed to support a comprehensive sensor range, meaning it's perfect for applications across multiple industries. From agriculture to asset tracking, the Blue Node gets your operation communicating.

How It Works

The Blue Node is an incredibly flexible device, and can connect to a wide range of agricultural and industrial sensors. It is a telemetry device that automatically collects, transmits and measures data from remote sources.

The Blue Node provides power to sensors and enables the communication between a sensor and the INCYT App (dashboard), wirelessly transmitting over ultra long distances to strategically deployed network gateways.

The connection between a Blue Node and sensor is made via INCYT’s custom Plug n’ Play setup. Once set up, the sensor (or sensors) can simply be connected to the INCYT App by scanning the connected Blue Node’s QR code - a process known as Scan n’ Play.

Powering Smart Sensors Through INCYT's Plug n' Play Setup

The Blue Node connects to sensors through INCYT's Plug n' Play setup.

This is essentially a powerful cord-based connection between a Blue Node device and any given sensor that has been fit with this capability.

This special Plug n' Play connection is the process of turning an ordinary sensor into an INCYT Smart Sensor.

The Plug n' Play connection allows the Blue Node to power the attached sensor, measuring anything from water tank levels and flow rate, to altering weather conditions and soil moisture.

Experience endless reporting opportunities with the INCYT Blue Node.

Up And Running In Minutes

Highly ruggedised and weather proof for long term operation in harsh environments, this hardy device carries a battery life of up to 10 years.

The Blue Node is known as the heart of the INCYT Ecosystem as it is the key to connecting the whole ecosystem.

Not only does it power and collect sensor data but also actively transmits the reported data through an available network, sending reports directly to the INCYT App.

Users can choose what they want their Blue Node to report on through the use of the Plug n' Play smart sensor installation, registering their respective Blue Bode and attached sensor on the INCYT App through a simple process known as Scan n' Play.

This Scan n' Play process allows you and your sensors to be up and running in minutes.

Connecting the Blue Node to the INCYT App

Devices are connected to the INCYT App via a simple Scan n' Play process

1. Open the INCYT APP

2. Scan your device’s QR code to register

3. Select the Application you require and choose your plan

4. Install the device where required

Reporting For Your Operation

If you're curious about the Blue Node or are interested in its reporting capabilities for your operation, reach out and get in touch with our team via the button below.

The INCYT Product Ecosystem

We have created an ecosystem that senses, collates, reports, and visualises valuable data, all into one place - The INCYT App.
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